Sunday, May 23, 2010

of excitement.

this seems to capture my feelings about the week quite nicely.

First, let me say this: my blog seems to have taken on decision-making capabilities of its own.  It seems that something is faulty with it at the moment; sometimes you can get to it and other times, it takes you to a different website.  Please know that if you can't access using, that you can always use  What a pain!

This week has taken me on an extreme rollercoaster; one that ultimately takes the passenger to a place of extreme excitement and fulfillment.

My sweet grandpa had brain surgery on Monday, and thoughts of that along with images of him hooked up to numerous machines in the hospital plagued me and made it really hard to focus.  Hearing that that he just wanted to sleep all day was so torcherous for me; I hate knowing that he's hurting and I hate thinking about how tired and drained my grandma and aunt are.  However, he is now home, so we're praying for good news to come soon; for him to get some energy back.

I made some changes to my etsy shop this week, complete with a new name and slogan.  It looks so much nicer now, and I'm excited that things have sort of taken off in that department!

This week, I was named the new preschool director for our school district. I'm a lot overwhelmed, a handful of nerves, and generally taken over with excitement and anticipation.  Truly, this is my dream job; and to have actually fulfilled that dream is so surreal.  It just sounds so important!  And yet, I have about 100932 things to do before August, including an online class which takes up my entire summer (boo).

Jimmy and my dad were golfing in a tournament on the day I received the news (I won't even give you a mental picture of myself while anticipating the news - let's just say I'm not a patient person and you'd have been nervous and/or sick just watching me wait).  So, Ruby and I went out to Ama's house to celebrate.  That may be Ruby's slice of heaven on earth, and could you blame her?! Her Ama, kitties, and cookies oh my!

Mom and I scrapbooked that night and it felt so good to no longer have the black cloud of wonder lurking in the back of my every thought.

Yesterday, Leanne and I took Ruby and Mason and headed out on a girl's day ( +Mason) adventure.  We headed to a Stampin' Up! party which is the equivalent of a black hole just stealing money right out of my pocket.  We were gone for the majority of the day; it takes a long time to run errands with two babies.  They were so good until the ride home, when they proceeded to have a screaming match until Mason tired out...then it was just Ruby who screamed the whole way home.  She was just so tired.

And for the NYC girl's trip with Leanne; the official countdown has begun (okay, fine - it began months ago), and there are TEN days left until we are babyless and exploring a foreign city!

I have so much on my plate!

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