Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ruby's vocabulary has just taken off in the last week.  Her phrase of the week seems to be Come on! or Come here!  I must tell her that quite often, because she uses it appropriately and she uses it a lot!

I tried making a list of everything that she says, but I ran out of paper and I know I am forgetting things!  She repeats just about everything we say which is a little frightening, but very cute.

Naptimes over an hour seem to be overrated anymore. Don't feel sorry for the state of my to do list-this has the opposite effect of what you would you think.  Place to nap = my lap.  3 hours long, and I can effectively quadruple the length of my to do list.  Now I have much more time to get things done put off house things and craft.

We're in the middle of a serious mom phase which includes but is not limited to incessant whining, refusal to go to anyone else, and extreme clingy-ness.  Most of the time I am flattered, but a girl would like to use the bathroom in peace!

Favorite hobbies (subject to change in any given week): wasting food, playing and sorting through my makeup bag (I have yet to figure out her strategy for sorting), pack-ratting things into tiny spaces of bags (I wonder if this should concern me?), playing with her baby dolls, and stuffing toys where they shouldn't go, like heat registers or small spaces.

My favorite things of my nearly 18 month old?  Expressions, specifically the surprise face, calling the dogs (Tess-Tess and Keh-by) and the snuggliness.  I dread the day that she stops dishing out countless kisses and loves. 

Teeth count: 12.

Warm weather means baby flip flops, precious sundresses, and pigtails. Cuteness overload. Also, I'm pretty sure she could have anything she ever wanted with those pigtails.

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Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Enjoy the clinginess while you can. Once she gets to a certain age she won't want to be seen in public with you.

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