Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Before My Very Eyes

I have taken an unintended mini blogging hiatus.  I have been busy trying to do important things like choose a new summer hairstyle, eat a lot of brownies, choose new bedroom furniture because we are getting a king size bed (!!!!!), not break my brand new sewing machine as I brilliantly adventure off into I can definitely teach myself how to sew! world, and you know, shower before noon on the good days.

Last weekend was prom for the little sister.  After countless years of me giving her no choice in the hair styling matter, with her sitting there crying silent tears because I pulled her hair too hard (this wasn't intentional-she has a wimpy head!), you'd think that given the choice, she would run screaming if someone else suggested I do her hair.  But for prom in all of the last three years, she has sought my hair expertise (ha. haha.) and this year was no different.

And seriously?!

This was one year ago:

One year later, and they both look SO different and grown up:

My sister should still be like five years old; not this beautiful girl holding my baby!

And now is when I begin to realize how old I sound.

1 comment:

leanne said...

Her hair turned out great. They are both so beautiful:)

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