Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Bullets

  • I discovered all over again the reasons behind my encounter with the Freshmen 25...and tried my best to make the Freshmen 25 II happen in a weekend's time.

  • I tried hard to match those 25 pounds in the weight of yarn. 

  • Yarn skeins are quickly overtaking my closet at this point, and I can't knit fast enough to keep up with my compulsive yarn purchasing habit.

  • Driving down College Avenue isn't nearly the same as it was when I was actually in college-having a baby in my backseat quickly reminded me of this.

  • I realized just how spoiled I am when Ruby and I spent the majority of Saturday in the hotel room searching in vain for a good movie or at the very least some classy reality television to entertain ourselves.  Nothing.  I found myself muttering about how silly it is to not have more than 20 channels.

  • And on that note, my sweet husband not only allowed me to set foot in the Coach store yesterday, but he bought me a brand new [beautiful] bag despite him not understanding the point of purses of that caliber.

  • I'm having a serious case of ADD.  I really want to read, knit, make cards, and bake.  Wouldn't it be amazing to do all at once?!  Total euphoria.

  • Also, baby fever is slowly overtaking me.  Seriously serious business that is.  Wonder how to make that go away without actually having a baby.

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