Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Small Things

Awhile back, I invested in a new boyfriend.  Remember my brand spankin' new Kindle?!  We haven't had the one-on-one time I had hoped for [yet] because let's be real here-I'm not exactly wallowing in free time.  I did discover a feature on there in which you could be read to.  Had I been able to stop laughing long enough to hear five consecutive words, it would have been a grand bonus.


It's like being read to by a robot.  Not that I really know what that's like.  Leanne and I have a longstanding joke with Robot Lady.  Have you ever texted to a landline?  If you are amused by silly things, I suggest you experiment with this as soon as you can get to a phone.  It's just what you would imagine-the text you send is sent to someone's home telephone and a robot reads it in the most hilarious voice ever.

Instead of Robot Lady on my kindle, it's Robot Man who might be even funnier.  Needless to say, it defeats the entire purpose of reading because I have to turn the page back every time.  But last night, I discovered how easy it is to get books that are actually meant to be read aloud on their and I'm not gonna lie-that totally made my night.  Reading and knitting in one go?!  How much more geekery can I jumble together?  If only I could figure out how to scrapbook too. ;)

Other than getting excited over the little things, we have spent a boring last two weeks at home.  This cold is the nastiest, longest lasting pile of germs ever.  And just as Ruby and I are bidding it adieu, Jimmy is just beginning. 

Oh, and good news!  I lost about 5 pounds with that sickness.  Bad news is...I found the Cadbury Eggs at Target last weekend.  And I also made german chocolate brownies.  I'll let you decide if you believe those pounds stayed off or not.

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leanne said...

Ahhh...robot lady. Oh how I miss her. And yes, you are a dork, knitting and listening to robot man (puree anyone?) but I love it just the same.

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