Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Saturday was the first day that Ruby chose to walk more than she did crawl.  Unfortunately that was the day I was barely able to sit upright on the couch, so I just cheered from the sidelines a little quieter than normal.  Perhaps, that was the boost she needed.

I consider her to be walking now.  She appears quite drunk and very out of control at times, and I would probably never turn her loose in public, but she is walking from point a to b and she usually does well.

It's quite evident when she loses her focus-it's like her legs are walking her and she can't keep up.  She takes an ugly digger at the end of the video I took last night, but as usual she hardly seems to notice.

If the Department of Family Services were to be called, I think there would be some serious investigations on the bruised state of her shins-her poor legs are completely blue/purple/green.  It's all a part of the game at this point.

It seems like she just gathered up the necessary courage, physical ability and cocky smile overnight.  She is so proud of herself now that she has this new novel mode of transportation.  Forget the fact that she nearly gives herself whiplash each time she falls-that can be overlooked.

Nearly two years to the day after we found about Ruby's existance, she decides to take on the world head on.  And I mean that quite literally.

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leanne said...

Mason and I love the video! He watched the whole thing. She's growing so fast! She is so cute waddling all over the place.

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