Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ruby Words and Developments

I'm thankful the vomiting seemed to be short-lived on Monday evening.  I was a little concerned at the continually creeping fever, but by Tuesday morning she seemed fine.

That night I gave her yogurt to see if it would settle her tummy a bit.  I also braved giving her the spoon and letting her have at it.  I'm so weird about messes like that-I'm fully aware she should have been given the opportunity to experiment with this months ago, but I have some control issues.

She was great with it, and she loved the yogurt (we are iffy on milk-y things, with the exception of cheese) which was a nice surprise.  She did make a bit of a mess but nothing like what I anticipated.

Ruby's vocabulary has been expanding fairly rapidly but I know many of her words aren't understood by anyone except for me and Jimmy.  Some of my favorites are "wapuh" (think about a person in New York ordering from the Burger King menu...a whopper).  And no, she isn't familiar with a whopper, but that's Ruby Language for water.  She has also started saying "uppie" when she wants to be put on the couch.  We have been working on her to say "up please" for months, so I'm wondering if she just smashed them together.

She has always had a real interest in looking at animals, as long as they don't get too close.  The animals on the pages of books seem to be the best alternative.  Her latest obsession is the kitty, which she squeals repeatedly: keeey keeeey keeeey.  For some reason, she refuses to believe that a cat says meow; in her mind all kitties whisper a noise similar to puh puh puh.  Any time she sees a kitty or a dog ("gah") she inhales with this high pitched excitement.

Something else that has impressed me recently is Ruby putting her signs together.  She consistently does this when asking for milk; she says "milk, please."  The other night, she asked me for milk and I offered her water instead.  Her reaction floored me.  She was quite offended and tried her charade again.  This time, she pointed quite dramatically at ME before smashing her two signs together-for milk and please. 

The wonder of the little mind never ceases to amaze or fascinate me.


leanne said...

What cute pictures. She's a quick learner with that spoon!

Maybe we should introduce her to daisy again...then again, maybe not:)

See you soon.

LaVonne said...

I love the pictures. My own Princess would say WaWa for Water. Now, she says water but for milk she still says her baby word - maymays. (It is what she called my breasts when she wanted to eat.) I try to say Milk but she just wants to continue saying maymays. :)


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