Sunday, March 28, 2010


She looks thrilled, I know.

Happenings of the last week:

♥  In the last week, I have knitted nine hats and ripped out three  Have I achieved my honorary 80 year old status yet?!

♥ I have been looking at monogrammed things for Ruby despite my knowledge that I cannot squeeze another single, solitary thing in her closet

♥ Ruby now has two totes full of outgrown clothes.

♥ I started off this weekend with the nose of my car in a ditch and thanking God for wonderful friends and NO oncoming traffic.

♥ I may have purchased more yarn.

♥ A four day/five night girl's trip is all set for this summer.  Destination: NYC!!  I have caught unbelieveable amounts of grief from Jimmy because of my planning notebook.  Rather than obsessive-compulsive or list-dependent, we'll just say I'm organized and like to know all facts before commiting to anything.  That sounds less psychotic.

♥ Pioneer Woman's cinnamon bun pancakes are something I simply cannot live without.

♥ Leanne and I have effectively planned a list of junkfood to consume, treats to bake, and strategized a list of crafts to squeeze in because it's spring break.

♥ less than 5 cadbury eggs were consumed.  I consider this a serious victory for my self control.

♥ after nearly 17 months of post-delivery body image stress syndrome (um yes, I totally just made that up), I think I have finally come to terms with the stretchmarks that Ruby left on my belly.  The ones on my thighs?  Inexcusable.  And I'd like to cut them out.  But what are you gonna do?  For now, I'm basking in faded stretchmark glory; don't rain on my parade.

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