Monday, March 22, 2010

Calm before the Storm

Ruby and I took a walk to the park today.  If I overlooked the snow, obnoxious mud, and lack of greenery, I could have pretended it was actually spring for a whole half an hour today.  Sadly, that was just a teaser.  We are supposed to add more of that snow and more of that mud here in the next few days.

Ruby is also not feeling well tonight.  She took a good nap and vomited shortly after waking up.  We're currently fighting a 100.5 fever which is always concerning for me.  I'm like a compulsive temperature-taker.  I think I took Ruby's temperature before bed every single day until she was at least six months old.  I'll go ahead and call myself a skilled mom now because I can usually always tell without a thermometer.  However, I have yet to acquire the skill of determining an exact temperature reading.  So when she's sick, I have this really compulsive, annoying habit of checking her temperature every ten minutes or so.  I think I'd like for the temperature to suddenly drop.

But really?!

I'm SO SICK of the sick.  What does she have now?  And for the love of cupcakes, where did it come from?  Hoping for a super speedy recovery for her because I am over winter and the germs. 

I know I can't be the only mom that does this, but I always manage to work myself into a panic when she's sick, thinking the worst.  I'm well aware that thinking in that way is not healthy and is certainly not going to help a situation, but I want the best for my baby.  It's so hard to see her hurting.

We had a taste of things to come today.  Just a tease, that mother nature is. 

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Jamie Lane Designs said...

She is beautiful! Great photos!

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