Monday, February 1, 2010

A Ruby Update

Just because I can't resist beautiful pictures of my sweet little love-more from our beauty photoshoot:

We are about to hit 15 months and we have yet to see more than 2 steps from Ruby.  I am not concerned, but I am fairly confident that she is perfectly able physically.  The poor thing is so cautious-the moment she figures out that she is doing it by herself, she falls to the floor with a crash and goes about her merry way, crawling at breakneck speed.

Just in the last two days, we have seen a lot of progress as far as this goes-she actually requires almost no support walking, but she has to think you are holding her or she won't do it.  I think we'll have a walker before 16 months.  I know I am in for a world of change when she is walking, so the crawling is good enough for me at this point.

And an update on her vocabulary (which is EXPLODING), the list off the top of my head: cracker (crack-uh), papa, dad, hi, bye, Tessa, Kirby, momma, some, this, more, milk, uh-oh, go, woof, quack-quack, mooo, bock-bock, baby/babe, no, and dog.

She also consistently signs: please, milk, eat, and more.  We're working on "all done" at the moment.

We spend a lot of time learning about animals and body parts at the moment.  Ruby knows most of her body parts and will point them out correctly when asked.  She is a sponge!

I always say this, but I absolutely cannot get over how quickly time has flown by.  It's been two years since I first started my pregnant journey with this sweet girl.  And I can't imagine life without that shining face and contagious giggle.  It makes me so proud to see her so into books, puzzles, and sorting things.  She is a beautiful little person-I can't imagine spending my days with anyone else.

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leanne said...

Ummm...where have I been (besides at your house knocking over dogfood??) These photos are AMAZING!! No, really, they are super sweet. I love them all. Please make me look this good on camera:)

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