Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

My little Valentine is looking a little less than lovestruck.  Rather, it looks a bit like Cupid beat the snot out of her with his bow and arrow.

A fever for 48 hours has left a lasting trail by way of bright red cheeks.  A nasty cough progressed into some serious sinus issues where I am wiping a snotty nose every .543 seconds, and her eyes are so heavy and glazed over, you'd wonder if I have given her countless drugs to supress all of this.

But I haven't.

Because even a dose of tylenol is a battle not worth fighting, usually ending in puke.  And if that doesn't bring puke, the coughing fits are sure to.  We have had about six of those already-let me tell you how much fun it is to strip sheets at bed time.

As if the days aren't bad enough, nights are about 1000 times worse.  I think I have gotten about 8 hours of sleep altogether since Thursday night.  I don't wear no sleep well.  Ruby wakes me with unconsolable screams every half hour.

And despite all of that, she tries so hard to be her smiley, happy self.  She's just miserable and somehow manages to make sick look cute.

If you'll excuse me, I have countless loads of vomit-covered laundry to finish, a snotty nose to tend to, and oh yes, perhaps some quality time with my two valentines.  If I get really good with all of this multi-tasking, we'll have chocolate-covered strawberries and clam chowder.

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