Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last fall, I learned how to knit.  And by learned how to knit, I mean I sat for hours on my couch while Leanne (who has the patience of a saint) tried to figure out what I was doing wrong every.single.time. while I sighed heavily ripping mangled stitches off of my needles.  I only learned the basic knit stitch and I added the newfound hobby of my list of things to do when bored (ha, bored?!  More like when I want to procrastinate).

It sort of got pushed aside-I attempted to work on various projects here and there but nothing serious came out of it because anything cute seemed far too difficult.

And now? 

I'm practically drowning in knitting-related things.  Yarn, needles, hats, and how-tos.

I am by no means a good knitter..I wouldn't even consider myself proficient at the sport (ha!) but I love it.  It's like this weird addiction for me, and I can see it rapidly becoming a slight obsession.  There are far worse habits, right?!

I have taught myself (after ripping out and starting over repeatedly) the whole circular needles thing which I am quite proud of.  Now, to figure out the double-pointed needles which seem to be completely out of my amateur league.  Almost like the directions are written in Mandarin.

And because of my perpetually knitting fingers, I thought I should find something to do with my hats, otherwise I can see piles of hats stacking up in all corners of my house.  I started my own etsy shop showcasing hats and other fun baby accessories.  I'm still working on building up my inventory, but for now, it's at least something.  I have been a little discouraged by a few things lately, but I fully intend to make this work for me.

For now?  It's naptime which means knitting beckons.

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