Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Home for Ruby-isms

When my siblings and I were little, my mom dutifully recorded most of the funny things we said and did on a yellow legal pad.  We have since read over pages and pages of this comical material and have laughed hysterically over a lot of it.

I knew I wanted to carry on this recording of funny memories, and I thought about how I wanted to do it for awhile.  I ended up purchasing a beautiful journal that I am going to modify with my own scrapbooking stuff in order to personalize it for Ruby (and different journals for any future children).  Most of the things I will record in it won't come until Ruby has a vocabulary with more than 20 words, but yesterday she did something that I felt should be recorded.

I spent the afternoon and evening doing some shopping with Leanne and of course we stopped at Joann Fabric (and proceeded to spend an eternity in there as well as a miniature fortune).  In order to get your fabric cut, you take a numbered ticket and wait for your number to be called.  Whoever held #9 created a minor panic attack for the lady calling numbers, and she called out "NINE!NINE!NINE!NINE!" in such a distressed manor I worried for her heart's well-being.  And right on cue, Ruby repeated right after her, "NINE!NINE!NINE!"  It was a little embarassing for me because it certainly was yelled and everyone was staring-Ruby appears to be a little more outgoing than I am, but it was funny nonetheless.

And yes, more yarn was purchased at Joann's.  I may have enough yarn to last me until I am 90 years old when knitting would be considered age appropriate.  I told you-I can slowly seeing this becoming a slight obsession.  The good news is, I have lots of color and texture options for all of these hats I plan to create.   I like to have choices.

And on that note, I ordered some totally cute business cards to promote my etsy shop so I'm completely commited to this now.  The only thing missing is about 12 more arms so that I could knit several hats in one go. 

Might be waiting on that missing element for awhile.

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leanne said...

That was SO funny! Can't wait to see your journal! The look on that lady's face as priceless. We were lucky to be number 11 with the nice lady:)

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