Sunday, February 28, 2010

fashion statement

I spent the entirety of yesterday being nauseous, achey, and generally miserable on the couch.  I'm still unsure if it was food poisoning or a brief run-in with a nasty stomach bug, but I'm glad that it seems to have disappeared now.

I had to laugh because I asked Jimmy to dress Ruby and she came out wearing this:

I'm pretty sure her outfit couldn't have clashed any worse if that was the goal he set out with.  Zebra print + floral...if this becomes a new trend, we'll have Jimmy to thank!  Rest assured, I will not be jumping on that fashionista bandwagon.

Yesterday was the first day that Ruby chose to walk or stand way more than she crawled-I think she'll be completely walking by the time she hits the 16 month mark (she has ten days).  It's a little like watching a miniature drunk walk around-she really has to focus on what she's doing or a crash with quite the audible thud will happen.  Her little shins are so bruised from all of her diggers, but it doesn't seem to bother her.

Yesterday, her walking adventures evolved from walking with meaning from place to place (usually Jimmy or me) to just toddling off to find something to get into.  It's so exciting to see her figure out the world around her in such a new way; I can just see her little face light up.

And speaking of my little blossoming wee one-her vocabulary is expandin at such a rapid pace, I think it will be impossible to keep track of all of her words before too long.  Her new favorite words at the moment are baby/babe, Meh (which stands for Aunt Mere), bah (ball), crack-uh (cracker), Tess-Tess (Tessa), Kir (Kirby), Ama, and Papa.  She says quite a few more but her favorites seem to be on a rotation.

And the best developmental news of all is that I can finally see all of her molars through the gums.  These teeth have taken ages to break through, and even now there is only a portion of the tooth visible.  But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel which means I just may be gifted a full night's sleep in the very near future.

That alone warrants some celebratory cake.  Go have some in honor of Ruby's teeth.

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