Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Steps

Ruby has just recently started getting pretty brave with her walking.  She can stand up by herself now and she can also take a few steps at a time.  Actually, she could take lots of steps, but she chickens out every time.  And Jimmy and I let her walk between us, but she knows we'll catch her and so she dives a lot of times. 

I have yet to catch her with 4-5 steps at a time which is the most she has done.  Maybe she doesn't walk any more because my screaming and obnoxious yelling scares her.  I can't help but get excited, and she always seems so proud of herself.

Turn down your volume so you can tune out the screeching mommy voice, and focus on the cute baby. 

I think we'll have a toddling toddler here before long.

1 comment:

leanne said...

ok, this is too awesome! She is so cute. She is going to be walking all around in no time. And Mason will be scooting away from her the whole time:)

Thanks for your comment on my post. I feel better:)

See you soon!

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