Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sleeping strike

I have gotten a lot of bewildered looks and sighs, and oh that isn't normal remarks from people who hear about Ruby's sleeping habits.

The kid has basically slept through the night from day one.  I know that I am lucky.  But boy does it throw me for a loop when she stops the 12 hour sleeping stretches at night and goes to about 30 minute stretches where we get an accumulated 3 hours.

Usually, this has meant there are teeth in our future.  It would be nice, if that's the case, if those tooth showed themselves prevent any further torture or hair loss.

It's catching up with Ruby too.  Yesterday she curled up in my lap and voluntarily went to sleep.  Which, um, never happens.

And despite the fact that I feel like someone spent the night pouring sand into my eyes, I could still just eat her up in those jammies.  She's a special girl.

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