Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Scale

I got a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas since I was on the nice list.

We already have a love hate relationship.  The scale-it talks.  That's like a nightmare come true-a scale with color commentary.  And okay, I did gain weight over the holidays-how could I not?!  I made the mistake of working out for the first time before Christmas and so it recorded my weight prior to the inhalation of all things made with a theme of sugar, comfort, and carbs.

I did gain a pound the next time I stepped on (which, if you were wondering, I believe to be a serious accomplishment-I could have easily gained 10). 

Aforementioned scale asked me to answer just why I believed I was gaining weight-there were about eight choices.  Things like: eating too much, snacking too much, too many sweets, eating late at night, etc.  There wasn't a choice available for me to say All of the Above so I chose the best answer: that I was eating too much.

Smart Alec scale told me that I needed to chew slower and avoid any chance of eating too much before my body knew I was full.

Apparently Mr. Scale does not know oyster soup, lasagna, crab macaroni and cheese, pepperoni bread, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, ham, salad, bread, or a constant stream of delectable desserts.

I told him this.  But I don't think he cared.

I do like the Wii Fit.  Anytime I think about not having time or energy to workout on there, I imagine what Mr. Scale will cold heartedly say to me the next time I face him.

And then I do manage to fit a workout in.  Amazing how that works.

I guess he's a good trainer for me-I need someone who won't take my crap.

PS:  I lost the silly little pound the scale got so uptight about.

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