Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Sunshine

I have one special girl on my hands.  I hope she never gets tired of hearing how special she is or how much I love her, because I'll never stop saying it.  She makes me laugh out loud numerous times a day-my little ray of sunshine.

We have been learning about animals here lately-she knows what a dog says and what a chicken says.  Both imitations are just to die for.  Something like: Hooh Hoooh and Bah Bah Bah. She isn't completely accurate on the barking noise-that's her default noise if she doesn't know about something (she believes cats make the same noise).

I'm sure glad she likes kisses just as much as I do-I must hear the mwah sound a hundred times a day-such a lovey little thing.  I love that she stops whatever she's doing to come kiss me.  We're also in a phase where she has stopped playing by herself and would rather just sit in my lap and have me read to her.  I love these moments..they just don't allow for productive days (which is okay with me..I think I'll be wishing these days back when she's about 12 and slamming doors!)

I feel we may be in the Why? stage for years.  Instead of why, it's currently a point accompained by an inquisitive "This?" to every single thing in a room.  It's so fun to see her just soak up everything around her-she is such a sponge.  She is picking up sign language like crazy-I need to go back and learn some more because she's getting ahead of me!  She signs for milk, more, and eat very consistently-we have also seen please and sleep.

Ruby has slept in her own bed for 3/4 days this week (the fourth we were out shopping so that was nap in the carseat day).  It's not like I can just put her in there and go about my day-it would be far easier for her to continue sleeping with me for naps.  Instead, I have to go in and turn on her lullabies, lay her down and hold her there (I hate this part)-she usually cries a little.  And then I proceed to pat her back and shhhh her for about 20 minutes.  When I feel like I have lost all circulation in my arms and hands from bending over the railing and my mouth is permanently vibrating (and/or drooling) then I tip toe out and proceed to check on her about 75 more times.  But it's progress-I know she needs time to get used to this (just like I do).

And among the signs of her growing up, something I must say I have been waiting for since I was about 5...pigtails!!!

I have never felt so complete, so whole, and so blessed in all my life.  I have always known I wanted children.  Always.  What I didn't always know was just how much my life would change in such a positive way.  My life completely revolves around someone else's life, the love that I have for that little pig-tailed cherub is unbelieveable.  Knowing that I am completely responsible for her, that it's my job to provide for her and to teach her about life in general is daunting.  But it's so rewarding too.

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leanne said...

hey, I just realized that I wasn't getting your updates since you got your own .com. Don't worry though, I fixed it.

Love that little girl of yours!

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