Monday, January 18, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I'm hung up on some things lately, namely crafts.  I seem to have a knack for planning all of these future crafting activities that I don't even know how to do yet.  But for now, it's knitting that I am pursuing like it might go out of style.  Maybe it is out of style...unless you reside in a nursing home, but I don't even care.  I love channeling my inner 80 year old as I cuddle a baby and watch some high quality television...

like The Bachelor.  You may want to pretend you don't know how obsessed I am with this show because it's a little... um, pathetic.  It may ruin the way you view me where I am this sweet little housewife and mom with a lot of hobbies and a little time-you know, no time for silly television.

And while I am in a confessing sort of mood, some of my [current] favorite things:

-cloth diapers (much to Jimmy's dismay, I have traveled to the dark side and allowed the cuuuute fabric to pull me-and my bank account-right in to as Jimmy puts it, hippie parenting.)  I plan to document my journey through cloth for anyone interested.

-baking sinful desserts and delicious breads.  Most recently, I found myself elbow deep in cheesecake preparations-chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake which was love at first bite.  Swoon.

-etsy.  etsy.  etsy.  etsy.  Need I say more?

-tracking online packages.  I do realize this is reeeeally pathetic but when you stay at home almost every single day and your primary source of interaction is with a toddler whose vocabulary consists primarily of animal noises and go, get, no, some, this, hi, Tessa and mama, then this is extremely exciting to stalk the UPS man.  There are only so many sentences to be created with chicken noises and the aforementioned nine words...and getting things in the mail has been one of my favorite things since I was about five (someday, I might grow up).

-reading into the ridiculous hours of the night.  Somewhere between school, being a mom, and trying to be a domestic expert, I forgot how to make time for books which is one of my favorite things in the world-getting lost in a good book.  For now, I am obviously still not an expert at finding time for everything, otherwise I would read at more reasonable hours of the day.  But I'll take what I can get.

But most of all, my very favorite thing?

The baby kisses and the baby giggles.

Giggles like this:

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