Monday, January 25, 2010

Endless Possibilities [or not..]

A look into our daily schedule/my mind from 12:00-5:00:

hmm, movie shut off. 

Frustrating-think I'll go scrapbook instead.

Cricut can't be used, so that's sort of senseless; cricut is sort of like my scrapbooking lifeline.

Fine.  Knitting it is.  Let me just go get my the closet with no light on the top shelf.  Over 10909 shoes.  Or not.

Okay, okay. 

Laundry it is..maybe I'll even vacuum.  Except I can't fluff the clothes in the dryer or even turn on the washer.  Vacuuming is certainly out of the question.

Hot shower, here I come.

But there is no water, so that idea is out.

Warm cup of coffee and an afternoon snack?  Sure, if I want to heat my coffee with the fire.  That I made by diligently rubbing two sticks together.

I can outsmart this; I have things to do and internet access on my phone.  I was so brilliant I even forgot to charge my phone so it's dead.  Where's my cord? 

To plug in where?  My non-existant generator?

BAKING!  Yes, I have been waiting to try out my mini muffin pan and new cookie cutters.  I'll just bake them right over that [wo]man-made fire.


How about a book to read.

Sure, that'd be great.

Afterall, that requires no electricity.

Spoiled I may be, but going with out electricity makes me so stir crazy I think it may not be normal.  And now, with the power back on, I have feeling pulled in all of these directions-like maybe I need to go experience all of the things I missed out on this afternoon while I didn't have this luxury.

Thank you, God for not putting me in the 1700s.

And thank you, Ben Franklin for spoiling me to death.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I'm glad your power is back on. :) I'm sorry it was an annoying day... but you have to admit, it made for a fun blog post!

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