Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Cloth Diaper Experiment

Somehow, I found myself drowning in adorable diapers (never thought I'd utter adorable and diaper in the same sentence) and researching endless sources on how to handle the diaper scene when they aren't disposable.  There are about 32409 different ways to take care of washing diapers, and I feel a little overwhelmed. 

However, this is a transition I have known I have wanted to make for quite some time-it's an environmentally and child's well-being conscious decision.  And it it's more work and a little more involved than than the 'sposies route, then fine.  It will be worth it.

For the time being, I'll keep telling myself how cute these things are-maybe I won't notice how disgusting it may be to clean them.  I'll try and find one of the 32409 ways to wash them that suits me, and I'll fly by the seat of my pants like I do with so many other things.

You, my friends, may have the distinct pleasure of watching this potentially comical adventure.

And completely optional: you saying how utterly adorable these diapers are:


Sheila said...

I was just watching a mom on youtube raving on and on about cloth diapers, and its peaked my interest for when we decide on having baby #3. They are super cute!

murmurkibbies said...

I just happened upon your blog via a link to your 25 days of cookies post, when I noticed you have a cloth diapers category. I'm expecting my first (a girl) in March & planning to cloth diaper from the beginning.

The diapers you have found for Ruby are SOOOO CUTE! What brand are they?

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