Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who Loves Jewelry?

If you have been worried about me with this prolonged absence you needn't be concerned. Well, about me. Instead, you should be concerned for this supposed diet I have started because I have baked eight different kinds of cookies in the last five days, each day resurfacing out of my kitchen in a cloud of flour and sort of foggy hazy (maybe that haze was from the oven).

Christmas can come any moment-I'm actually quite impatient to see Ruby with her gifts, as well as her Daddy and everyone else. This year, being much different from last, I am actually way ahead of schedule and have my things done rather than stressfully anticipating braving the holidays with a newborn. The last thing that I need to do is send out my Christmas cards featuring one special little girl. Ambitiously hoping for that to finally happen tomorrow.

Speaking of my special little girl, she's 13 months old today and as bright as ever. I started this blog in December one year ago to keep family and friends updated. Want to know the true reason I started? I got so frustrated trying to keep up with picture requests via email attachments that I was ready to scream. So then there was blogging, and my life has never been the same since.

In honor of it being one happy year since I started this virtual baby family book, I want to give away two of these adorable pendants! I am an etsy addict as I have mentioned before, and I could spend hours in any given day surfing that place. However, when I found HappyHaven's shop I was in love. She makes pendants for all occasions, initials, names, and phrases. They are so charming and retro-like. I'll draw two random winners from my comments to get pendants of their own. Go look at them-bet you can't find just one you love (or twelve!)


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

Very cute! I actually ordered Scrabble tile pendants for my girls for Christmas this year! But, I'd love to have one for myself. ;)

The Robinson's said...

she looks so beautiful in her lil' xmas outfit...where do you get all of her personalized stuff at? it isn't as cute to do that kinda thing with boys i guess lol...and yes i do love jewelry!!!

Unknown said...

I too have been cooking a lot lately and although my husband loves it, my guilty conscience doesn't! :) I wanted to let you know that I got your message awhile back about my new address and now that we don't have cell service where we live I keep forgetting to text you when we are actually in town! Haha! Anyway, here is my address:

6820 County Rd. 328

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