Monday, December 21, 2009

sick kiddo (again)

As it turns out, it never gets any easier seeing your child sick. I should know; we're on round three in 13 months and I'm just as close to tears (and ripping my hair out one strand at a time due to zero sleep) as I was the first time she got sick.

Not sure what it is this time-she has a red throat, a stuffy/runny nose, and a nasty little cough. The doctor told me that she'd give it 24 hours and she figured it would either be much better or much worse. I felt like saying, "Really?! I wasn't aware there was a third option." But I thought better of it and attributed my mental sarcasm to lack of sleep. She didn't earn herself any brownie points with me when she asked me if I was pregnant (in her possible defense: I think (and hope!) she asked this because I was SO hot dancing around in that tiny room that was so hot-my cheeks were red). So pray that she is better tomorrow or we are going to have a long, painful, and sad Christmas celebration with family.

And speaking of Christmas celebrations, ours has been abruptly changed by just a day and I feel the need to panic as I look at my house and realize that I have nothing packed. Add to that the fact that I am stuck on the couch with a sick little one who won't let me put her down, and I actually don't know how I am ever going to get things done.

With our plans all thrown out of whack, I am not sure that I will be getting much sleep in the next few days either. Pray for my sanity as I combine that with a restless, clingy child.

Also, I must note how special it is to me that even though my baby is so sick she keeps giving me endless kisses, all complete with the "mwah" sound. What a sweet girl!

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Steph said...

Im sorry your little one is sick! Mine is too!! I understand completely about having to sit on the couch and cuddle all day! As great as it is at the time, it really sucks when you realize that you didnt get anything done all day! I hope she gets better in time to enjoy Christmas! Im praying my daughter does too!

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