Tuesday, December 15, 2009

send help!

Ready to learn how to lose your willpower, cause your diet to fly right out the window, make yourself the most popular on the block, and wind up with an unimaginable amount of energy?

What if I told you that you only had to do one thing to accomplish all of these at once? I like multitasking, so I counted myself in.

And now, I'll probably have to sign myself as well as multiple neighbors up for the nearest Weight Watchers. We'll consider this my good deed for the holiday season: keeping them in business. Hey, anything I can do to help.

Because I made these:

IMG_6113 by you.

Sinfully delicious little rolls.

Or loves of my life.

Whichever you prefer.

I probably consumed an entire week's worth of calories. In an hour.


Must do pilates.

1 comment:

LaVonne said...

I hate this time of year for all the great goodies (but love it at the same time). I have 20 lbs to lose and I am going to go back on Weight Watchers after the New Year. (Went on it once before and it worked great.) My problem is I love sweets. But I want to get back to size 6 jeans again. :)

Merry Christmas!

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