Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in 2010

We started off 2009 looking like this:

And we ended it looking like this:

2009 was good to us. I [finally] finished my degree and became an official elementary teacher. Jimmy switched some things in his job which was stressful to begin with (because of all of the paperwork and transfer work) but has turned out to be a tremendous blessing.

We took several little mini vacations, we had family here to visit and we were able to travel elsewhere too.

And most of all, we have enjoyed an entire year with this beautiful little angel in our lives. I can't think of anything any better.

I'm not generally big on resolutions, but I do have some this year. They are little but are geared toward bettering myself and my family. I plan to get fit (and stay that way) choose healthier foods, and exercise. I want to take time and enjoy the small things, while trying not to let silly things bother me. I want to give up my cares about what others think of me, and I really want to get organized once and for all. By this, I mean closets and all things need to be cleaned out and organized to my standards-stuff that I won't use in the next five years needs to be thrown out.

I am excited to see what 2010 brings for us.

Happy New Year to you and to yours-may it be full of blessings and sweet surprises.

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