Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Publishing (& Winners)

If you are Andrea or Hillary then you have won yourself a cute little pendant from HappyHaven-go pick one out and email me with your choice and your address and I'll get it to you!


Today, I must get going on my Christmas cards-I want them mailed out no later than tomorrow and yesterday they received zero attention. I had great intentions to get them finished yesterday, however I ended up being sidetracked by a very good cause.

I started writing to Ruby when I was a little less than five months pregnant with her and well, I basically haven't stopped. I also happen to have thousands of pictures archived of her from the time she was the size of a sesame seed to her being the size of a full-blown toddler (still can't believe I'm mom to one of those) which she is at 22 pounds.


Yesterday, I randomly stumbled across this website that offers to put just such things together and publish them in a hardbound book. I got all of it put together after spending hours on it-today I need to spend proofing it several times so that I can get it ordered. This is something that I have wanted to have done since the beginning of time (or not-but since the beginning of Ruby's time), and the sale on the books pushed me to remove it from my in the future to do list and just get it done now.

I'm so excited for Ruby to have a hard copy of things. As much as I love my electronically-binded family records here on our blog, I don't know that it will be around and available forever.

In completely random and assorted other news: the baking spree has not ended-recently, it was chocolate petit fours. Also, I have two things on my mind other than Christmas-they are seeing Brother 1 and Brother 2-both of which happen this week.

I love the Holidays.


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

What a great idea for a journal for Ruby! And, yippee! Thanks! Now I have to choose one...

The Robinson's said...

oh my i need to do that many things to do and remember as a mother and now it is double cause i have too, but the nice thing is that my mom for each of my boys does a first year scrapbook and i just need to worry about the rest of the years hoping ot get back into scrapbooking after the i can pick any pendant out???

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