Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

I think I had more fun this Halloween than I have in years. And that was with a kid that is too small for trick-or-treating. I decided against painting my belly as a pumpkin this year because, um, that would have been a bit odd.

Last year, I was a swollen, miserable mess. And [im]patiently waiting for my kiddo to make her big debut.

That picture is small for a reason. I'm big enough in the small version. Yikes!

My pumpkin has transformed into a beautiful, baby Ru-BEE.

With a floppy antennae, extra big bee belly,

and a what in the world am I wearing expression.

I think the flu was to blame for very few trick-or-treaters. We had less than thirty kids show up for candy! Now, I'll have that darn candy bowl taunting me as I walk past every day.

We had Leanne and her sweet little family over for dinner, movie, and (not much) candy passing.
We watched a cute movie, Music and Lyrics which still has me singing a catchy little tune. And then we tuned into watch Yo Gabba Gabba, so Leanne and Ryan could see what they're in for when The Pea Mason gets bigger and is drawn to such creepy television.

I told Ruby if she didn't slow down on the eating front, she was gonna have a belly like her mama's.

The Bee and the Pea.

We're in single digits now. Nine days until I am the momma of a one year old. Can't even go there.

1 comment:

leanne said...

"pop goes my heart"

thanks for having us over:) you better save a few warheads for me...I need to work on my sour face.

I'm glad my little pea could hang out with your little bee!

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