Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ruby!

Sweet Girl,

This is it-you hit one year old. I didn't break you and you didn't break me in the first year of your life. And instead, I would consider it an amazing journey where we both learned a tremendous amount of things. What a joy! It seems like just yesterday that I wrote this:

Hi Punkin Head!

I must say, I'm SO ready to meet you. Sure I have things to get done before your arrival (like, say packing my hospital bag!), but I'm ready to stop gaining this weight-I feel like a cow. Going to be weighed in every week has become a miserable chore. I am retaining water like you wouldn't believe-my ankles are...well they are no longer ankles. They're so puffy and icky, it's quite disturbing. I won't be surprised if I end up with stretch makrs on them too-I've seen some pretty bad ankle sprains where the foot swells incredibly big. Mine surpass that.

I have 17 days to go until the big due date. I can't tell if I'll go early or late (or right on time!) right now, but I'm sorta wondering if karma will pay me back and you'll be content to stay in there a little longer (I was two weeks late). I'm starting to get reeeeally curious to know what you are-boy or girl! It's funny, it really hasn't been hard to bond with you (as some people claim) despite not knowing if you are a boy or girl, and it's been much easier to keep your gender a secret than I thought, but now I'm wondering how I went this long. It's sorta like Christmas-it's so close now, I'm just dying to know!

Your room is all ready and looks beautiful! We also have quite a few baby accessories around the house-we're no longer looking like just a married couple. Your swing and bouncer are set up and waiting for your cuddly little self to sit in them. Your bassinet is up and ready too. Here's hoping you can sleep more in that than wake up-mommy does not get good sleep these days!

I'm starting to get the ridiculously stupid comments from people about having you. One time last week, someone looked at me and said, "Wow, can you even still walk?" This was as I was walking by him. People seem to think it's okay to say things like, "You look like you're about to burst!" and other things just like it.

Despite things being much more difficult than I ever imagined, I absolutely wouldn't trade this for the world. I like that we share a special bond and have had time to "get to know each other" for the last nine months. It's like we have this secret between us-I can be sitting there doing other things and no one around me knows if you're kicking me or hiccuping or anything. I love being pregnant with you and I cannot wait to see your precious face. I want to kiss those toes that seem to LOVE spending time in my ribs, and I want to just snuggle you for days and days. Come out soon-I don't want to deliver a 12 pounder!

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!




You transformed from a tiny squeeky little being that rarely opened her eyes to a full blown miniature person. Your personality is starting to shine through so much at this point, and I think you learn something new every single day.

You have started talking on the phone. You refuse to do this if someone if actually on the other end, but if I let you play with the phone, you will have a conversation about something with whoever it is you believe you are talking to. Complete with inflection in your babbles and knowing where to put the phone, it's so precious.

Chasing the dogs remains your favorite pasttime. And with the giggles that produces, I find it so hard to act on the dogs' behalf and make you stop. We're working very hard on the word gentle and you do understand it but sometimes, it's like you find it so hard to contain your excitement that you go at the dogs (or someone's face and hair) full throttle and just yank at their hair. When I remind you to be gentle, you stop what you are doing and start these tiny little pats.

And speaking of pats, one of the most endearing little things you have picked up lately is patting me on the chest or back while I am carrying you someplace.

Your vocabulary is expanding right before our eyes, and I know it's a matter of time before that just explodes. You have said mama and dada consistently for awhile, but you now also say, papa, hi, bye, up, and hi dad! Since you have learned to point, I take this opportunity to tell you about things around you as you incessently point. We are also starting to talk about where body parts are and some animal noises.

Mimicking is one of your favorite activities at the moment and I have been so suprised by the number of things that you will do. The funniest have been squinty eyes, sticking your tongue out, and the noise that comes from making a sound like ahhhhh while intermittently cupping your palm over your mouth. Via the mirror game, you have also learned how to give high fives, fist pounds (blame your daddy-but this has been about the highlight of his year!), blow kisses, shake your head from side to side, wave, clap, point, and the universal signal for a touchdown.
You are a charismatic, sparkly-eyed, sweet little baby and people are just drawn to you. We can't take you out for errands without me questioning my possible celebrity status because people are that into you. You wave and eat up the attention, which just makes it impossible to get anything done in a timely manner.

There are several things in our house that just can't be babyproofed and so you have heard no several times with them (cords, turning the television on and off, playing with the phones). Now you have started to shake your head no as you do these things. I try so hard not to laugh because I know you will get the wrong idea, but honestly it's the cutest thing and I have a really hard time stifling the laughter.

You have no real interest in walking, but you have mastered standing up and cruising the furniture. We occasionally help you walk across the house, but you seem to be over that after just a few steps. Crawling is what you prefer and you are so quick!

Your eating horizons have been broadening with each passing day. I was so relieved to find you would open your mouth for food after the whole amoxicillin fiasco when you were sick last week. I was afraid I had ruined your views on opening your mouth and trying new things, but you have since proved me wrong. You still nurse here and there but I know you aren't nearly as attached to this as you once were. Some of my very favorite moments with you are at night as you drift off and in the morning as you try and wake up. Stroking your hair as you fall asleep or wake up is such a simple thing, but moments that I cherish endlessly.

I think you just get cuter by the day, and I would have told you that was impossible previously because how can the cutest little thing in the world get any cuter?! As you can tell, I get worse and worse with each passing month at choosing a few of my favorite pictures. I have hit an all time high with this month, but who can resist a gorgeous girl in a tutu?! Not me, apparently.

God has blessed us with a precious angel. You are the center of our world, the receiving end of millions of kisses, the source of endless entertainment, and the definition of true love for your daddy and me. You are more special to us than you will probably ever realize. I wish I could have never-ending access to your sweet baby breath, your fuzzy, wispy hair, your contagious laughter, your soft skin, and your zest for discovery and life. But I know you have to grow up, and these things will have to change. One thing that I never want to change is the special bond we share. I love you with all of my heart, and you mean so much to me. Here's to another year of watching you change and grow; one full of love, laughter, and discovery!

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