Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

[at the moment]

Recipe surfing; blogs, allrecipes, and the food network

root beer and vanilla coke; I'll just put it this way-I currently have an unhealthy relationship with both and I keep going back to them despite my efforts to stop with the soda.

Watching Ruby learn something new each day; I also love that she says hi to everyone and every animal that she ever sees. Mostly because it's so shrill and drawn out and just precious.

Being home with my baby; we have lazy days and productive days, both of which I just cherish. We are so blessed that we are in a position for me to do this right now-I can't think of a better or a cuter boss to have. ;)

The Holidays! I am so excited to decorate for Christmas, I can hardly stand it. I plan to make some of my own creative decorations, but mostly I just want to see the Christmas tree light up our house and fight Ruby every second of every day as she can't resist the ornaments and packages and all of the other red and white. I also fully intend to make a ridiculous amount of Christmas cookies and candies. As in, days worth of baking.

Off switches on all of Ruby's new toys. Need I say more?! I kid, but I do try to rotate the toys-I already have most of the tunes/songs memorized and she has had them for less than a week. I would hate to have any toys just disappear from our living room but it may be in our future.

Snuggly nights in with my cute little family (that may be biased-I couldn't rightly say). I just also say weekend mornings here-a time where we just enjoy Ruby's entertainment.

Forever21; enough said. I love their clothing.

Etsy; I think I may have a problem, but I could browse that site for days at a time. And um no, I'm not exaggerating. Sad as it may be.

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Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

Oh, I fully agree with the Etsy-thing! I had to cut myself off after I finished my Christmas shopping there early last month. Yes, the beginning of October. I just love Etsy! I probably shouldn't mention this, but Etsy is having a HUGE Black Friday sale. Just sayin'... ;)

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