Tuesday, November 3, 2009

amoxicillin woes.

This little angel is on a roll today.

Amoxicillin is currently the bane of my existance (and Ruby's).

It's a nightmare to administer.

It has stained the majority of my belongings a disgusting neon pink color.

And it has caused horrible diaper rash.

In an attempt to air out Ruby's little naked bottom, I sat her with Jimmy while I ran her bath.

As I came back to get her, she peed all over him.

He did not find this funny.

I, however, could not stop laughing.

Guess I had it coming when she decided it would be appropriate to poop in her bath water.


She was never really diagnosed with anything but I am convinced she had an ear infection (one ear couldn't be seen because it was clogged.
That seems to be gone (what a nightmare the sleeping thing was when she refused to be anything more than 90 degrees.
However, I do believe she had an ear infection on top of something else because it has taken her quite awhile to recoup.
Whatever it is, it has kicked her butt. On Sunday she had had enough and just couldn't keep her little eyes open any longer (if you know Ruby, you can understand why this was so odd. She never falls asleep just because she is tired. Normally, there is quite a little routine involved. And sadly it doesn't involve Daddy because well, he can't provide the thing she's looking for).

The lighting in this video is poor, but I couldn't help capturing her exhausted little self.

In the meantime, anyone want to volunteer to give Ruby her amoxicillin for the remaining days (which happens to be until Sunday)? I'll pay good money for it. And maybe we could just throw in a laundry agreement while we're at it. I'm up for a good bargain.

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