Thursday, October 22, 2009


We got pounded with wet, heavy snow all of yesterday. By the end of it all, we had sixteen inches on the ground. The trees and bushes were weighted down with beautiful ice crystals, the mountains covered with their winter blanket, and the backyard a new playground.
I don't love snow. In fact, I generally hate the stuff. It gets in my shoes, it makes for some frigid days, it's guaranteed to ruin a good hair day, and I hate driving in it. But it sure is pretty to look at. I feel blessed to have such a picturesque backyard, and if I know I have nowhere to be, I actually do enjoy giant snowstorms. Especially with a snuggly baby, a cup of coffee, and a good movie!

We had some visitors in our yard tonight. The snow made them hungry, I guess, as I didn't seem to phase them with my camera out on the porch.

Deer in the headlights, anyone?!

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