Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sick Baby

Undoubtedly, the hardest part of being a mom is seeing your child hurt. Thankfully, we haven't had to witness this much-in fact, only once until yesterday has Ruby been sick.

Now, we have to say she's been sick twice. It's miserable. She has had an awful fever, complete with aches and chills, a nasty little cough, and vomit on top of everything.

I took her in today just to rule out things like strep throat and an ear infection. Neither of those could be ruled out because she's too young for a strep test, and one of her ears is clogged, so the nurse practioner couldn't be sure there wasn't an inner ear infection.

Perfect. So amoxicillin it is.

Only issue there is Ruby won't keep that or Tylenol down. I have fought the throwing up last night and today each time I have tried to give her Tylenol in order to combat the fever and ease the achiness. Then I don't know how much (if any) she got and am afraid to give her any.

My poor sweet girl. I can't stand to see her like this. She just wants to be held but I have to be extremely careful with the ways in which I grab or hold onto her because she just hurts all over.

Future boys or girls that even think about hurting my baby, take note. I can't say that I'll just sit back and wait for you to go away like I must do with this sickness.

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