Friday, October 16, 2009

Ruby Writes

Hello, friends. Ruby here.

I am the proud owner of eight pearly whites. I cut three of those in five days and I was a real JOY to be with at night. I slept so well, I should probably win an award for it. I also had some great diaper blowouts in the process. That's because my momma loves doing laundry! Anything I can do to help.

Mom is done subbing at the school now which she has been rattling on about for ages. I'm excited to spend time with her during the day. She has lots of projects she would like to get done-don't tell her I have other things in mind. Like asking to be held all day long.

There are only 25 days until I turn a whole year old. I'm so excited about it that I will tell anyone who asks me how old I'll be turning by holding up my first finger. I don't know what's wrong with my Mom though because she gets a little bit like a cry baby if anyone talks about me turning one. I'm real excited for Grandpa to let me into his candy drawer too!

Yesterday, I figured out how those things you call straws work. And I was so surprised when a pool of water landed in my mouth that I spit it out and soaked my clothes.

I have been playing with my daddy's old rocking horse and I sure love riding on that thing. Grandma also brought me his old wind up television that plays a song and counts animals. Momma says that I have gone to the retro toys. Whatever that means.

It's getting much cooler outside so that means not many walks for us. I suppose I'll be just fine with lots of Momma Snuggles and reading stories. I also like sitting with her while she has her coffee and watches The Today Show. I think I might just be more excited about her being back home than she is!

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leanne said...

hello ruby, mason here:)

I'm glad that your mom gets to stay home with you now. My mom has been talking about going back to work. I'm not sure what it all means, but I know I get to come play with you. I can't wait to learn all your tricks (like sitting up all by yourself!)

see you soon.

your secret admirer,

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