Monday, October 5, 2009


It's certainly fall around these parts and we have been enjoying the beautiful new colors that are only here for such a short time each year. We also have enjoyed the pumpkin and cinnamon scents intermingling in our house. Cozy mornings snuggling with a baby and coffee. Pumpking are beginning to surface. I am not, however, enjoying the too-cold air, the sky getting dark so early, the surfacing of GERMS, or the wind (not that that necessarily has any connection to fall).
My time at school is rapidly coming to a close. I can't believe it! I'll surely miss my kiddos, but I'm also excited to come back home and be with my baby girl. I plan to spend time reading, crafting, baking, and learning to sew. I know what you're thinking-I certainly am filled with wishful thoughts. I know my options for free time will soon be limited as Ruby gets more mobile with the each sunrise. I'm ambitious-what can I say?

I'm deep in the pages of The Shack which has thus far proven to be amazing. I really am beginning to think it's not long enough as pages turn rapidly in front of my eyes and my list of questions grows. We'll see how I feel when it's over.

I have recently had orders for bows by a few random people, so I think I'm going to begin that quest in my life. I can whip out bows quickly, and they are easy for me to craft. They are also something I can do while Ruby naps [on my lap], so that's always a bonus. I'm always a fan of multitasking. Thus, I have ordered 160 yards of ribbon (that's a lot of bows-like 500) to begin with. I think I'll start a separate Etsy store just for this venture, but I haven't fully decided.

And aside from my crafty time, what else have we been up to, causing this boring break from blogging (try saying that five times fast)? Well, feeding my window shopping addiction on etsy, watching some of our favorite fall TV shows, baking, being a human pacifier, watching lots of football, taking pictures, and redecorating the house are some time occupiers. And that's just naming a few.

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leanne said...

I'm glad you started The Shack. So much to think about!

We are *sew* going to learn how to make those dresses. hahahaha.

I need to start Sarah's Key. Maybe today...

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