Monday, October 12, 2009


So far, Bohdy has proven to be quite the little fighter. Praise God, he hasn't encountered any real obstacles thus far. The next step is for him to be off of the ventilator which is currently helping him to breathe-so if you could pray for his little lungs to continue to develop-that would be a huge step!

I know Steve, Amy, and Saylor are being surrounded by love, support, and prayers. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster they are on, seeing their sweet little one being hooked up to so many machines and monitors. But, it's also evident that he is resting in God's care as we speak, and so many people are praying on his behalf. What an amazing thing to realize just how many people pray for little Bohdy on a regular basis. God is good!!

Pray that Bohdy can come off the ventilator when his body gives the signs that he is ready, pray for his bilirubin levels to regulate, and pray for him to tolerate his feedings which are providing him with nutrients he needs to grow strong. If you feel called to do so, I know Steve and Amy would appreciate continued prayers on their behalf-for them to have faith and understanding in Him as well as doctors and nurses.

Praise God for the blessings in our life-keep praying!

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