Thursday, September 3, 2009

the dark side

There's a dark side to every job. Usually, you don't discover it until you're too far in to turn back.
Not that I would turn back, because I love teaching 99 percent of the time. But that other 1 percent has been brutal this week. It's the things no one discusses. The things that aren't found in text books.

Leanne is watching Ruby for two days a week which has been going well according to her. Jimmy told me the other night that I needed to stress that it was okay for a bad report to be given. Two babies under ten months would be a challenge-somehow every time I call her to check up on things (I'm neurotic, remember?) they are both napping. I think she should be considered a superhero. We're pretty lucky, though-our babies are awfully well behaved. Most of the time. The best part is not having to worry about Ruby during the day. I certainly miss her, but I know she's with someone who treats her like I do.

Bless her heart, having to watch my child and listen to me vent, she brought me coffee yesterday after one rough day (little did I know that I was in for more today). Today, she helped Ruby send her very own email to her mama which definitely made me cry (and made my day!).

The good news is, I have a four day weekend. Bad news is, I'll probably sit here and get fatter (emotional eating). At least I can spend it eating with my baby and relaxing. That's what matters most.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, a little weight never hurt. Lol. So glad to hear she's in good hands. What do you teach?

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