Sunday, August 9, 2009

I've lost my head

We're gonna play a little game using our imaginations. Close your eyes and picture a chicken running around with its head cut off. Also picture this chicken's house coop torn to pieces, I don't know, maybe because a bear has rifled through it. And please, also picture a little chick pecking at this chicken's legs and being extra difficult in general thanks in whole to the rotten teeth that are coming in.

That, my friends, would be an extremely accurate depiction of yours truly.

For now, I have some more scurrying around to do before we head out to dinner at my parents' house. On the list of things to do in an hour?

change Ruby's clothes, move the bedding that she destroyed this morning from the washer to the dryer, put away the dishes, run to the grocery store, put something presentable on (you know, other than sweats), try and force my hair to resemble something other than matted carpet, let the dogs out, pump a bottle, and clean up my living room.

See you next year.

Just kidding.

I hope.

Stay tuned..I do have an annoucement to make. Oh, and you can be assured I will at least be back tomorrow. My baby is nine months old as of 10:52 on Monday morning. How? Why?

1 comment:

leanne said...

LOL! Does the little chick happen to have red toenails?

See you tomorrow...hopefully you can pull it together by then:)

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