Monday, August 24, 2009

don't tap the glass.

Is that you tapping on my fish tank?

I feel like some greater being is tap tap tapping on the fishtank despite being told numerous times that it's not polite and that it scares the fish me just to see my reaction. On a completely random sidenote, why is it that even after telling any kid about how tapping on the glass hurts the fish's ears (is this even true? do fish even have ears?!), grimy little fingers creep across the glass anyways?


Actually, I have just had an assortment of things (most of which are not at all related) testing my patience lately. Shaking up my world, I suppose you could say. Hurting my ears.

None of these things are life altering or even worth wasting energy on, but given my Type A personality, my slight OCD, and my over-the-top inner control freak, they do bug me.

School started today. Since May, I have been like a giant package of nerves, anticipation, excitement, and dread. I love being with the kiddos, I love spending my day essentially playing and watching the wonder and naive innocence of discovery just as I do with my own. But then there's just that. My own. Being at school means leaving her elsewhere, and I hate it. Little things nag me when I go away-neurotic me becomes even more neurotic. Who knew that was even possible?! And please don't even inquire about the sleep situation. Night owls like us have no business in bed at nine, and yet, that's what it requires for me to get enough sleep for functioning. And of course, Ruby chose last night to thrash around and fuss for the entire night.

Neurosis and all obsessive tendancies aside, I did have a great first day and am looking forward to many more. I know leaving Ruby will get easier as time goes on, but for now, please allow me to send 234098 emails a day to check up on her. I may or may not continue this trend when she is off to college.

I had the busiest weekend in terms of getting things done and socializing last weekend. On Friday, my sister and I ran some miscellaneous errands and went to watch The Time Traveller's Wife which we enjoyed but had some emotionally rough spots for me. We also witnessed some shady guy strolling the mall parking lot looking for belongings in a car or the car itself to steal. I don't know how or why these situations occur when I feel so helpless, but they do. We did report it to mall security but I don't know what ever came of it (if anything).

On Saturday, I went with Leanne for a girl's day out where shopping, bear sightings, screaming babies, and near car accidents graced our day. We met up with Steph in Heaven. Er, I mean the scrapbooking expo, which if I'm being completely honest, that's what I imagine Heaven to look like. I could have spent hours in there and thousands of dollars. You know, if I wasn't sweating to death while lugging my child around who decided that very day that she was too good for her stroller. It was a fun (but long) day. Next time I vote for a girl's trip sans babies-frankly, I can do a lot more damage in a lot less time without worrying about dirty diapers and feeding stops. Don't let that slip to my husband.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house like a crazy woman (need I remind you about the aforementioned obsessive brain of mine? see above).

After Thursday, I may just sleep Friday, Saturday, and Sunday completely away. I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel for you. It's so, SO tough to leave your little one elsewhere while you go to work.

Good luck, and keep lots of pictures of her nearby!

The Robinson's said...

what kind of camera do you have??? it takes such nice pics and im in the market for a new one :)

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