Saturday, August 15, 2009

and the award goes to...

Ruby is about to be the proud new owner of four pearly whites. And if you asked her how she felt about that, I'm sure she'd reply with some babble that you could try and translate, so instead I'll tell you for her. This is no easy feat-my snuggly baby has taken clinginess to an all new high. Nights are generally rough until I remember my best friend, which currently lives on my nightstand. These would be teething tablets. If you haven't met teething tablets, I'll introduce you now and highly encourage you to use them yourself when the teething troubles begin.

The star of our household:

In other non-related news, I have been a complete scatterbrained klutz the last two weeks. I went shopping on a girls day out with Ruby, my mom, and my sister. Want to know what I forgot? The STROLLER. And the shopping cart cover (I'll wait while you make fun of my germaphobe ways). I managed to pour my glass of water (always have water at night) all over my alarm clock in the middle of the night. Wasn't awake when it happened, but the sizzling angry noises coming from my alarm clock shortly thereafter were enough to wake me right up.
The one thing that really sticks out this week would qualify me as Worst Mother of the Year and quite possibly warrant a phone call to Child Protective Services. Despite the fact that it was definitely an accident, I cannot stop feeling guilty over it. Ruby fell off the bed, nose first. Jimmy and I were both attending to something right next to the bed and I just assumed he was watching her (he faced her, I faced away) and right as I turned around, she was sliding right off the edge. I know it scared her, but I don't think she hurt anything (too badly). I just sat there and cried right along with her-what a horrible thing to happen. I would have been beside myself if she had hurt herself.
It's funny, because I used to scoff at the people that let things like that happen to their kids. I mean, shouldn't someone be watching that kid at all times?! But, it's different now that I have a kid. Accidents do happen. As a parent, I am forced to multi-task and this just was one of those times where the multitasking obviously didn't go well.
Moral of the story: Satin duvet cover+mobile child=not-so-great combination and guilty mom.
I have started selling my cards on Etsy. You can locate my store here where my handmade cards are currently located. I intend to expand and add lots more, but right now, I don't have a surplus of down time (remember the teething monster child). I also fully intend to start selling hairbows.
So in short, my life right now consists of: a clingy, fussy child, a lot of forgetful moments, creating cards and wishing I had time to list them at my store, and enjoying my last days as a stay at home mom for a couple of months.
I could have saved you all of that mumbo jumbo and told you to skip straight to the bottom for the short version.
But I like details.
And long stories.
And silly adventures straight from my life.


leanne said...

Good luck on Etsy friend! I love your cards. I still can't believe you forgot the stroller (ok, I can believe it...we have a lot on our minds these days...)and it doesn't help that we keep putting things in there that don't belong, like silly songs that get stuck in our heads!

Sheila said...

I used those teething tablets for my first son as well!! And I should get some for my youngest...he's a little teething monster right now!

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