Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Ruby

Sweet Pea,

Eight Months old today-this has been a big month as far as milestones go. You have started crawling, you are no longer toothless, you are “talking” lots more and have mastered saying “mama,” and..oh yes, you lost a toenail. You know, because that is important. And the big one: you took your first plane ride and were an absolute angel.

You are quite proficient as determining when people are talking about you or looking at you, and you play that right up. Because we are currently in Las Vegas, we have been able to see this in full effect, because people actually stop us on the streets or in shops to tell us how cute you are. You eat it up, just laughing and batting those beautiful eyelashes. Today, we had lunch at Planet Hollywood where four different people came over to say something along the lines of, “I heard there was just an adorable baby over here, so I had to come look.” And you didn’t let them down-you laughed and screeched and generally entertained, and likely made everyone’s day. I know I am biased, but perhaps we should get you a modeling agent-you seem to be a magnet for all types of people.

You have figured out just where your food comes from. And while we’re speaking about food, I’ll go ahead and tell you that you are the pickiest, gaggiest eater alive at this moment. Hope that changes real soon, because I don’t know that I can handle a high maintenance, finicky eater. You have known for awhile that Mom is the source of your food, but you know the absolute location now, and have embarrassed me on multiple occasions by either reaching down my shirt or helping yourself in public. Unfortunately for your Daddy, you believe that he also has your favorite thing to eat, and so he can hardly be shirtless around you without you clawing at his nipples.

We are working on some baby sign language so that communication easier. So far, you don’t sign much, but you have been caught signing “milk” which is essentially closing and opening your fist repeatedly.’

Cups are a big treat for you-you like drinking out of open-mouthed cups or your sippy cups. You enjoy drinking your water, but often decide you are done and without warning spew like a fountain or just back-wash into whomever’s drink you are stealing.

You make noises and have the funniest animated facial expressions. I worry a little that some of your faces and noises are interpretations of how you hear your mama talking, but we’ll just pretend you’re just experimenting. You can be heard humming to yourself almost every time we go on a walk (which is daily when we are at home), with a few random squawking noises thrown in as well. I’d say, on average, that you come up with about two new facial expressions each week. You also wave at the appropriate times and clap too (but not for any one big accomplishment-you just like seeing your hands come together).

You are no longer just a bump on a log…in fact, some days I feel like I can hardly keep up with you. I used to be able to outsmart you and sit you on your blanket where you wouldn’t move. Now, you know just how to go from sitting to your belly (and then crawling off to something that you shouldn’t be into) and cannot be left along for any period of time. You have gotten quick too! Among your favorite things to chase: Kirby and Tessa, shoes, or anything with a tag on it. I also am well aware that by the time I become well-adjusted to you crawling, then you will be walking and I’ll feel like you are really running me ragged.

You are such a joy to us-watching those little wheels inside of your head go round and round. You are making connections with so many things-it’s unreal to think about the differences from you now compared to you just a month ago even, but even moreso eight months ago when you slept, ate, and pooped. And that was the extent of our entertainment as far as you went.

I love you so much. I will never ever get tired of saying that, and I certainly hope you will never get sick of hearing it-or receiving thousands of kisses daily meaning the same thing. You are such an amazing little being-I can only hope that you stay this happy and this vibrant, attracting so many people around you because of how jolly you are.


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Anonymous said...

Aww! First, how beautifully... long! LOLOL. Just goofing. I keep a journal of my babes even to this day and she's three. Lol. Man, you had me at air plane ride. That took me back. My baby girl rode three planes during her first year of life and she was amazing as well. She's been on four since then and is still just as sweet as ever. Hopefully it stays that way and its a good sign. Your letter was sweet and I just know she's gonna cry when she's older and can read back on her mommy's thoughts.

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