Thursday, July 30, 2009


My world has suddenly become a little chaotic with a side of preoccupied with a surplus of things to do. What in the world has me so busy, you ask?

Tessa had her puppies on Sunday morning. Sadly, she had two and we were left with one. The surviving one is so cute, and thriving.

Ruby is crawling at the speed of light. Her favorite incentives from across the room? Microscopic specks on the door, shoes, the dog, and her stroller.

I took on the task of repainting our dining room a color other than a nice unwelcoming shade of hospital-barf-basin-pink, and instead turned it into a nice golden brown, home-y color. I have yet to figure out why the walls have not just painted the second coat on themselves. I did all of the hard work, afterall. It's the least they could do.

I am reading quite often, but am getting nowhere, it seems. I have a list of about twelve books that I would like to read within the next month. Think that will happen with the aforementioned hurricane baby? Me either.

I was asked to be sweet Dezi's godmother and attend his baptism in September or October. Travel arrangements are in the works, but nothing is set yet. Wishing I could stay longer than a few days, but such is life, I suppose. While we're on the subject, I have to tell you how positively honored I am that they thought of me to be such a role model for him.

We have procured health insurance, finally. When Jimmy switched his job over to a self employed type of basis, we lost health insurance, but for $1000 a month we could have continued on with the old insurance. I don't know about you, but that seems like an awful lot when we have been to one doctor appointment aside from the well baby check ups this entire year. With a little research, Jimmy was able to find something much better, and we'll save quite a bit of money this way.

Remember these little bites of heaven? They are back in my fridge. I have also been making fresh bread, researching future baking endeavors (by this, I mean playing with fondant. Sounds dangerous, fun, and if we're being honest, probably a little frustrating).

We have been feeding the critters out at my Mom and Dad's while they have been on a little vacation. The feeding itself isn't hard-it's the 40 minutes in the car, roundtrip that takes up time. They'll be home this weekend, so we no longer have to take out a chunk of our morning and evenings. However, I am more than glad to do this because they return the favors by watching our dogs. And our kid.

And school here starts in exactly 25 days. I absolutely cannot understand where the summer went. This year has flown right before my eyes. Why didn't time move like this when I was miserably pregnant last year?!

And I should note here that I have also been busy researching baby foods. Somewhere in between the last time we tried solids mushy foods and Monday, The Gagging Queen herself decided that maybe real food was okay. At times, I wonder what the chances are that we got our baby mixed up with an Italian couple's, because the kid likes pasta. Just plain pasta noodles. We have also gotten her to eat bread, scrambled egg yolk, and raw carrots. We'll keep experimenting.

Oh, and of course I am still working on the Vegas recap. You know, in between chasing Ruby, checking on the puppy, and reading.

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Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. that brownie mix you got in the fridge look oh so goooooooooddd.

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