Friday, July 3, 2009

bringing shiny new things home.

Guess what I did yesterday.

I lost about a pound of hair. I only lost about two inches from the bottom, but that razor does some serious shedding for me, and my hair feels so much lighter! I'm not in love with the way she styled it, but you get a general idea-it's really short and choppy. Something new, and much lighter..all in the name of summer. Or something like that.

Please ignore the Skin Catastrophe of 2009. My face looks like several sheets of sand paper took up residence directly underneath my skin, and my upper arms have broken out into tiny red bumps. All of this has been PR* as if to tell me that stretchmarks, baby weight, fatter feet, and saggy boobs weren't enough of a trademark look after carrying a child for nine ten months. I'm currently testing any and all contenders that claim to clear up stuff like this-I'll keep you posted.

*Post Ruby

Yesterday we went to a Sky Sox game, but not before consuming copious amounts of Qdoba goodness. It was a little rainy-think failing sprinkler, so just a trickle-at times, but really wasn't all that bad. Plus, if we were listing pros and cons, the funnel funnel fries more than made up for being a tiny bit wet. And because I know you're just dying to know Ruby's reaction to her very first fireworks or perhaps not, since likely you had no idea there even were fireworks, I'll tell you. She snored right through the entire fifteen minute production. Not a peep out of here the entire time. We'll have to make sure she catches her second set of fireworks tomorrow night.

We stopped at the library today and I got four more books to read and renew 5 times before finally taking them back. My eyes are bigger than the amount of time I ever have to finish reading, so I always end up with a mountainous stack of books to read in a short amount of time.

We also made the crucial new phone purchase and a shiny new red one jingles in my purse now. Ruby won't be allowed to play with this one, because, well it's new and because I think I am in love with it a little bit.

Among the things also riding home with us were some airplane toys which we won't be introducing until takeoff (in five days!), some random pantry items, an anniversary gift for Jimmy (which he has no clue about, despite being in very store as I purchased it), and the dreaded swimsuit purchase. I don't know that I'll be brave enough to adorn the swimsuit regardless of it being a one piece because I have some serious 81 year old lady things happening PR* and don't know that it would be fair to other vacationers. But, I'll never see them again, right?

As for our 4th plans-well we'll be turning it into a two-day celebration consisting of walking around town, eating, being with family, and more eating. Jimmy's mom called today and asked if we would wanted her to bring up her playpen for the picnic on Sunday so that we wouldn't have to hold Ruby the whole time. As if it's a chore. She doesn't know how much I love to hold her, does she?!

Happy Fourth of July!


leanne said...

I love your new haircut!! It's super cute. Sounds like you had a fun day.

Heidi Boos said...

Love the hair!! Doesn't it feel so good to get a different look, especially during the summer?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

LaVonne said...

Love it! I makes me want to get my haircut. It is long overdue!

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