Tuesday, June 23, 2009

under the [warm] weather

chasing the dogs is her new favorite pasttime. And she's becoming quite quick!

If I didn't know better, I would place bets on the idea that it's actually December, not June. We have had a nasty little bug in our house for that last week or so, and it's just now leaving. Only I would be lucky enough to have a raw, inflamed throat and be fighting the urge to vomit at the same time-what punishment!
Ruby is now sporting two pearly whites, which I'm hoping has been the cause of the sleeping strike, because that combined with being sick doesn't make for very productive days (well, that and the fact that Ruby nearly screams at the mere sight of her crib these days). I can imagine how painful the teething bit is and there's a little blood spot on her gums where it just popped through. Teething tablets will be a midnight snack tonight. All in the name of getting some sleep, for a change.
Our Vegas trip is quickly coming upon us and I am nowhere near ready for it! Certainly I am ready for a change of scenery and a week-long, relaxing vacation (we'll see how it is dealing with a baby in 120 degree weather), but my house looks like something out of a horror movie and I don't even own some of the stuff that I plan to take with us. We need to make a shopping trip and I need to devote about a 24 hour period to cleaning the house. I'm nervous about flying with her carseat-do we have to check that, because I'm really sort of unwilling to do that given the history I have had with watching them carelessly toss cargo around. I don't think there will be room to stuff it overhead, though. Anyone have experience with this?!
Jimmy's playing softball tonight, so it's just me and Rubes. We're having a low key night, but I need to get my house picked up.
If you see a maid that looks lost, send her my way. Please?

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