Tuesday, June 2, 2009

giving into temptation.

I spent all day fighting the urge to make some creme de menthe brownies. Unfortunately for me, once I get an idea like that in my head, it's really difficultimpossible to get it to leave. So, as you guessed, I did end up making them. And after all of that mental exhaustion (Are you kidding, you really don't need those brownies. I'll only eat a tiny piece here and there. Who are you kidding, you know you will eat the entire pan), I don't even get to have any until tomorrow because they have to chill. Though I haven't completely ruled out the possibility of staying up until midnight. Clearly, I have issues.

Pictures of this delicious treat will certainly be shared. Pictures of my ever-expanding hips and belly, however, will not. Sorry to disappoint. [In all seriousness, I did see the lowest post-pregnancy weight today! Baby steps.]

It would appear that my child had been traumatized P.A.I.* and will have nothing to do with any foods other than milk. Unforunately, the texture dilemma that she inherited from both her momma and her grandma are proving to be an issue at this moment. I hope she grows out of this, but the logical side of me knows she won't. To this day, I have a serious texture issue with yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, baked apples, and the like. It's sad too, because I love most of those things. Generally, I'm okay if I eat really slowly.

Upon the sight of the spoon now, she cringes and makes the most sour face you can imagine. We're trying new things to find something (anything!) she'll eat and then I'll have to stalk up on that and give that to her for awhile. Perhaps, then she'll believe that I am not trying to feed her something that is vomit-inducing. I think we have a drama queen on our hands. She is already practicing her princess wave, as well. Can't hurt to play up her role as resident princess, can it?

*post avocado incident

I'm hoping to get out of the house with Ruby tomorrow, but that's all riding on whether or not my glasses will be in or not. They're not scheduled to be in until Friday so I'm certainly not holding my breath, but Jimmy's were scheduled to be in last Friday and his arrived last Monday. However, given that the lovely lady helping me told me that I had quite the strong prescription (and went on to tell me what lenses to get in order to avoid the proverbial coke bottle look, stylish as it may be), I think they'll take longer. We'll see. I'd actually welcome an early morning phone call if it was to let me know that the glasses were available for pick up. I'll even go so far to say that I wouldn't even mind if I stayed up until midnight waiting for that brownie and then received that phone call. You know, if I did that sort of thing. Which I don't.


Ashley said...

I've always thought Ruby so strongly resembled you but seeing her and Jimmy, I see that she bears a strong resemblance to both of you!!

Enjoy your brownies!!

leanne said...

Ok...those brownies look wonderful! Chocolate and mint is one of my favorite dessert combos ever. I gave in to the same temptation and made peach and blueberry cobbler yesterday. Then Ryan brought home ice cream:) Yum! I hope you get your glasses soon.

Anonymous said...

Umm, you can NOT post a pic of that and not post the RECIPE! What is WRONG with you!???

Just kidding.

But seriously. RECIPE!?

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