Friday, June 5, 2009

a girl's best friend

[you'll be glad to know that the brownies still exist-I do have some sense of self control]

Jimmy and I constantly pondered what our lives would be like with a new little person involved while aforementioned little person stirred in my belly. But something we also worried about was the effect it would have on our first children-our dogs. I pegged the reaction of Tessa.

Tessa would lick Ruby's hands and face all day if I allowed it. There have been two disgusting occasions when I have caught her licking Ruby on the mouth-I try to pretend that never happened because the thought of all those germs in her mouth makes me cringe. We usually try and steer the dogs to give their sloppy kisses to Ruby on her legs and feet, but not we're trying to avoid that too, because the feet have found the mouth. In a few years, maybe I won't care, but for now I'm a little [too] germaphobic.

And Kirby. Oh Kirby. I figured he would leave her be and silently wonder what this squawking creature was that took all of our attention. Thankfully the dog is unable to call child protective services, because I would bet that he thinks we're not doing superb jobs as parents when Ruby cries. Luckily for us (and for Kirby's nervous system), this isn't a regular occurrence. In the last couple of months, Ruby has had just a couple of awful melt downs and Kirby becomes really distressed. It's funny that he's already so protective over her. When she cries, he sits there and cries at us until we can make it stop. It's pitiful really, and I question the thoughts that run through his tiny little head as she's crying and we try to soothe her. And he'll follow you around until he is sure she is okay. His new alias is The Bodyguard, and boy is he dog gone good at his job! (sorry, I had to).

Good thing the relationships seem to be mutual. Those dogs trump everything in terms of Ruby's attention, and she finds them really amusing too.


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

Um, can my son marry your daughter? They'd make awfully cute babies together someday.

leanne said...

I love the black and white photo!!! I've been wondering about our dogs too...I hope they are as well behaved with our little one as yours are:) still have brownies?? I can't stop thinking about those things:)

And doesn't H.K. know that Ruby is already spoken for:) It must be rough having such a cute little princess!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so let me jump in and say 1) the licking makes me feel a little sick, too but 2) it's totally fine, seriously -- dog's mouths are surprisingly ungermy and clean. I totally asked a vet. And a pediatrician. Seriously. They both said it would be worse if she picked something up off the floor and got it in her mouth. Which she does. Often. At least, mine does. lol!

Also, love the new look.

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