Saturday, June 20, 2009

father's day fun.

Want to know what I spent today doing?

Making hamburgers?

Hmm, no.

Eating burgers?

No, not eating them either.

A special father's day grill out?


Well, what in the world was it that I spent all of today working on?

Any ideas?

Okay, so I fibbed a tad. I did make burgers, but not hamburgers. Instead, I made brownie burgers on cupcake buns with kethcup and mustard icing. Oh, and sugar cookie fries laced with salt sugar.



Lauren said...

Man, thats a pretty freakin Cool Idea! Nice work. I bet he loved it. :-)

Sheila said...

That is pretty 'sweet'! LOL

leanne said... rock! They look so real:) Sorry I couldn't chat longer yesterday. I thought I would have longer before I lost service.

Ashley said...

Just thought I'd let you know I tagged you for the Honesty Scrap Award on my blog. Check out the details here.

The Robinson's said...

you are so talented...i swear i thought they were real burgers lol...hey i was wondering how do you make a button and how do you do the little pics of each of yo on the right side of your blog with a description of each of sorry i would ask someone else but i don't know anybody that has as cute a blog as you :)

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