Tuesday, June 16, 2009

confessions of a shopaholic

As Ruby makes some calls on her new cell phone, I have a little time to catch up in the blog-o-sphere. Actually, Ruby has slept for two long periods of time today, and I took that time to catch up on my, um relaxation techniques. I made a rather lengthy lists of things for myself to accomplish this week and have done a whole TWO. Oops. It did feel really nice to just snuggle up with the baby and not have a thing to worry about today. I'll be up to make dinner and throw in a little laundry here in a bit just to lessen the guilt of being so unproductive.

As you may (or may not have) realized, I could probably benefit from CCAA*. I did not disappoint the world of retail children's clothing shops this weekend as I found some great bargains. So great, actually, that I could not drag myself out of the store without grabbing some future clothing options for Ruby. Keyword being future. This, ladies and gentlemen, was my solid justification for why I should keep purchasing things when the kid has about twelve times the amount of clothing as I do.

*children's clothing addicts anonymous

Among the other sparkly, shiny, soft new things we arrived at home with were kitchen gadgets galore, new boots and two new shirts for myself, some football-coaching gear for Jimmy (see, I'm not the only one who can concoct far-fetched excuses for purchasing new toys and more cotton paraphernalia), and some crafty things to play around with. We had a good time, walking the outlets-I'm thankful we don't live any closer, or I would probably be their most valued customer.

I realize this next bit is going to make me sound either really obsessive-compulsive or extraordinarly controlling and anal retentive, but hear me out. I have decided to do a Hello Kitty theme for Ruby's first birthday party. No particular reason, other than I have always had a unique fondness with the adorable white-faced, doe-eyed kitty, and because I know I will only be choosing the theme of Roo's birthdays for so long. I will be trying my hand at Bakerella's own cakepops. I bought some supplies to run a few trials with prior to ya know, the week of her birthday. I foresee two possible outcomes: a frustrating afternoon resulting in a huge mess or a new infatuation with crafty little desserts. As for my hips, well, we can all guess which result they'll be hoping for.

And in case you were curious, yes I am indeed aware that we have five whole months until this epic birthday event, but if you knew that I blinked just once and she was seven months old, you would understand the method of this so-called madness.

I should mention the all new, way-too-cute, and little-on-the-rough-side thing that Ruby has picked up. And before you get any ideas, no, she did not learn this from me. Or her Dad. She gives kisses (slobbery, but kisses nonetheless), and she has done this for awhile. However, she now grabs your face and lunges at your cheek at any given moment to deliver her sugar. Her little talon-like fingernails are the not-so-gentle part of the whole situation. Otherwise, it's really precious, and I know that if she could form words, they would probably be: You hold still, and let me kiss you. She made quite the scene of this at dinner the other night, resulting in our entire table laughing out loud. Her kisses are neither gentle, nor short (prolonged open-mouthed slobber is her style), but they sure are priceless.


leanne said...

Those cake pops are too cute. You'll have to let me know how yours turn out! It's never too soon to start planning a birthday party:)

Anonymous said...

Okay, first, I love your blog. I'm reaading backwards, but I'm sure you dn't mine. Two, youe blog is not non short of awsome from what I've read. And three
hELLO KITTY IS A PERFECTLY COOL IDEA! Maybe I just agree becasue I love hello Kitty, but I mean, come on? HOw would that make you controlling? It's not like she can say yey or ney herself. YOur doin good. go for what you know. :-)

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