Monday, June 15, 2009


After being gone for the last week (well, almost-six days), we are just now getting back into routine and I'm still feeling exhausted. And along with feeling tired and chaotic, I'm still paying for all of the junk I shoved right down my throat this weekend. Let's just say that I didn't stick to the diet, mmkay? No details.

Want to know what you missed in case you don't follow me on Twitter ? I was sure you did. Ruby said "Mama," she crawled, she got her first tooth, and she lost a toenail. Exciting, I know-all in a matter of a week! They didn't happen on the same day, but I felt a little overwhelmed with the mastering of milestones nonetheless. And I think Jimmy felt a little slighted (he was gone). The good news is, we only have more exciting hurdles to leap over as Ruby continues to figure things out.

I need to reorganize and get settled in the house again, only to turn around and leave here in three weeks for Las Vegas. I'm excited to go, but have many things that I would like to get done ahead of time.

Pictures are coming-I promise there is nothing wrong with me, but I didn't bring my camera this weekend (I know..the horror!). Instead, I spent it shopping, eating (entirely too much), and with wonderful people. By the time I catch up on the house-y things and feel like a human again, it may be a month from now. Look for a post then!!

Kidding, kidding. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

She lost a toenail? What happened?!

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