Monday, May 18, 2009

unemployed and busy-ness.

My dad and Jimmy work together-have I ever mentioned that? They are in the commodities brokering business. And if you don't know what that is, I'll have to give you their personal information so that you can call them up and ask them, because...I don't know what they do either. The simple comparison: stock market for farmers. For the last several months, they have mulled over a decision to change the basis of their business. Weighing pros and cons, meeting with other people, possible future employers/customers, they finally decided to go for it, assuming that it was a great opportunity. They gave their resignation to the CEO of their company today. Nice man that he is, essentially he told them that they could take a flying leap. No need for the 2 week notice-they're done today. So, they are officially unemployed. Thankfully, this is something they half-expected and it just made things a bit trickier (they start the "new" layout of their business on June 1st, I believe).

Our weekend away was fantastic. The primary activity was: stuffing my face almost constantly (I'd list the wonderful treats that I indulged in, but quite honestly, it's embarassing). I feared that I had gained a lot of (lost!) weight back over the weekend, but was happy to find only one half of an extra pound on the scale's display. I'll consider that a victory, because like I said, I have no self control around all of my old college vices. I'm a sucker for some good foods. Aside from the binging, I did a whole lot of shopping and found some great bargains! Among the things purchased: clothes for Ruby (I know, I know. I need help), shoes and jewelry for me, ribbon for more bows (again, know that I probably need help. At least this isn't too expensive of a habit), a sling carrier and...a big girl carseat!!! We haven't switched her just yet, but we will soon-I think she'll be a lot happier in her bigger carseat. And while we're on the subject of carseats, Ruby has suddenly decided she can't deal with hers. Halfway there on Friday night, she had a serious meltdown, and then she proceeded to scream every time we put here in there while we shopped on Saturday. She has also started arching her back so that you can't buckle her in unless you have bionic speed and can get it done quicker than she figures it out.

We got her some baby sunglasses which she rocked all through Target yesterday afternoon. The reactions she got were quite funny, my favorite being a group of three foreign men (shopping the baby section, no less) that we're arguing/discussing quite loudly over something. They saw her and just went nuts. Ruby completely played it up, though, as she babbled on about...well, whatever it is that's important in her life-milk, snuggles, and pooping, I can only assume-and grabbed the attention of passersby.

We have quite the week ahead, with not a free day until Sunday! I have a lot of things to get done, but thankfully after today (I had an enrichment session at school this afternoon), I have all day long to get things crossed off of my ever-expanding list.


leanne said...

Ok, Ruby is just too cute! I want to see a picture with the sunglasses! I'm excited about your sling...can't you just picture us trooping around town with them this summer?

I hope everything works out with Jimmy and your dad.

MG @ MommyGeekology said...

That face kills me every time. I want sunglasses pics too!

Hope that the business endeavor goes well!!!!

Mike said...

Sunglasses and babies. Always a match.

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Heidi Boos said...

Yes, sunglasses and babies/toddlers...adorable! My son (19 mo.) is really into his CARS sunglasses we just got him (of course they're 3+, so they're a bit big, but he loves them and wears them everywhere!)

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