Sunday, May 31, 2009

of short patience and sleepy time thoughts

Jimmy played a lot of golf with a little no sunscreen on yesterday, but I'm sure you didn't notice until I pointed that out!
and I'm certain that all of you out there are simply lusting over these fashionable glasses. Children's Place if you want a pair for yourself!

Jimmy has been working hard on our yard all day, and I have been a lazy bum, mostly because Ruby has been really clingy. And also because I don't really love yard work. Plus, I wouldn't know how to run an aerator (think, goose poop-looking chunks taken out of your yard) if I tried.

We did go out for lunch and then made a point to stop by the local coffee shop afterwards. Certainly no Starbucks, but we'll call it a close cousin. And I have yet to meet a mocha latte that I didn't love at first sight, so I'll take what I can get (which, at this point in time, is certainly not Starbucks given that the nearest one is about 60 miles from here).

My nerves have apparently shrunk to what may be a millimeter's length-I hate to admit that I have been quite testy lately with every little thing. For now, I'll blame it all on the hormones, because what better excuse do I have?! The cynical attitude needs to go, because I'm not loving my pessism and negativity.

I have a card-making date tomorrow which I'm most definitely looking forward to. I love spending my days with Ruby more than anything, but the fact that she doesn't talk to me [in a language that I can understand] leaves me feeling like I may be talking to the surrounding walls. Adult interaction makes me feel a little more human and a little less...insane. I have ideas swirling around in my head for future crafty opportunities because as I just said, I spend a lot of time sitting around with a person who interacts with slobbery kisses, giggles, and raspberries but no words. And she seems to have a phobia of her crib, so I have taken the place of a bed for all three of her routine nap times. Stay tuned for what may be to come, concerning cards and more.

If you'll recall the talk of the really amusing lizard face, I was able to capture that expression on camera (Jimmy is in the background encouraging her-he had no idea I was filming him too!) Can you see the resemblance between the two?! Thanks, Ruby, for teaching us such an attractive mannerism.

I realize this video is really poor quality, but it's something. And you can see The Man of My Dreams both in book and human form in the background. In all seriousness, it's a good book thus far (another book by Curtis Sittenfeld).

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Anonymous said...

I don't like yardwork either. Those sunglasses are adorable!

And the hormones are totally a real excuse.

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